All About Salt Lake City

All About Salt Lake City

Often called SLC, Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah – and the city with the highest population in the state. Founded by Mormons in 1847, the city takes its name from the Great Salt Lake.

Once named the Crossroads of The West, SLC was a undoubtedly a point of interest throughout history, mainly due to mining booms, immigration of LDS church members, and housing the first transcontinental railroad.

Salt Lake City is home to a wide variety of interesting attractions. The Church History Museum, for instance, which is run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is a good example.

It also features classic movie theaters such as the Broadway Theater and the Tower Theatre. The SLC Film Society puts on shows free of charge at the Salt Lake Public Library and the Rose Wagner Theater.

Not only it houses interesting attractions, it hosts interesting events as well. The Urban Arts Festival draws over 20 thousand attendees, featuring all sorts of artists, from painters to funk musicians. Meanwhile, the Dark Arts Festival centers around industrial and goth subcultures. The biggest of all, of course, is the Utah Arts Festival, held annually since 1977, providing artists with around 130 booths and five performance venues.