My Ex Lives In Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

I have an ex-girlfriend who was born and raised in Salt Lake City. While she loves it there, she says that there are some days when she wishes she was elsewhere. She is part of the LGBTQ community and she says that she wishes there were more people around her who were supportive of this. I know that they have a pride parade there and the Mormon church has tried their best to let people know that they are okay with their lifestyle, but she believes that living in a much larger community would give her the opportunity to branch out more and meet new people.

Another thing that she wishes is that she lived in a place that was a bit more diverse. She is biracial and she feels like she has not always had the chance to meet and interact with many LGBTQ people who are also part of the same ethnic community as herself. I told her that she can have these experiences without having to leave the place where she lives. All she needs to do is find out when there are cultural events across the country and take a vacation.