Salt Lake City Is Not So Boring dummy post

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I am from a fairly large city in Massachusetts and I hunt for excitement all of the time. A year ago I went online and met a great guy in a gaming forum. We connected and decided to start a relationship. As things start to progress, he asked me if I wanted to move to Salt Lake City to be with him. This was worlds away from what I was used to, so I was hesitant at first. I told him that I would have to think things through, visit a couple of times and make my decision them.

I thought that going to visit would be one of the most boring things I had ever experienced, bit I tried to keep an open mind. When I got there, things were far different from what I imagined. The city is beautiful, there is so much to do and they have some really awesome restaurants. I decided to make the move a few months later and I have not had any regrets about that. I know there are probably other people who have judge this city without taking the time to learn anything about it.

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