Salt Lake City, Utah – A Treasure of the Mormon Faith

Salt Lake City, Utah was founded in the year 1847 by a number of followers of the Mormon religion, including a man named Brigham Young. Due to how close it was to the Great Salt Lake, the town was called “Great Salt Lake City”. In the year 1868, however, the word “Great” was dropped, and the state’s capitol became what we know it as today – Salt Lake City.

Just four days after arriving at the area, Brigham Young reserved a portion of the city to serve as the Salt Lake Temple, a building that would eventually become a landmark famous among the Mormon community. It also serves today as a tourist attraction for Salt Lake City. The temple, built upon a block that would later be known as Temple Square, took 40 years to be completed. It was dedicated in the year 1893, and from then on, became a centerpiece for the city.

Salt Lake City has a history rich with Mormon heritage. To this day, followers of this faith reside in Salt Lake City, and if you are a member of this religion but do not live in Utah, no doubt it is worth a visit to see the temple and other attractions Brigham Young and other Latter-day Saints left behind.