Things I Found To Do In Salt Lake City

When planning our family vacation, I decided that we were going to head to Salt Lake City. Doing research online showed that there were a lot of things we could do and see. The first thing that I decided we could do is to check out the public library. The library not only houses a ton of books but it’s also quite beautiful just to look at. I figured that my son would enjoy reading a book while we checked out the building. When going to Salt Lake City, it’s pretty hard to skip seeing the lake so I decided we could also do that. The Great Salt Lake is the largest on the West side of the Mississippi so it will definitely be a sight worth seeing. Since our son will be going with us, we also decided to visit the Hogle Zoo. The zoo is home to over 800 animals so it will definitely be able to keep our interest for a day. My son has a huge love for animals and this will be a great way for him to see some up close and learn more about them.