Three Fun Things To Do In Salt Lake City

Three Fun Things To Do In Salt Lake City

Visit the Temple Square

The temple square, a spiritual center for The Church of Jesus Christ offers free walking tours of the grounds available in 40 languages. The Family History Library which is nearby is arguably one of the most extensive collections of genealogical records on the planet. The Temple square should certainly be among your must go destinations the next time you visit SLC.

The City Greek Center

If shopping is your thing, then you will enjoy taking a stroll through the city Creek Center. During the warm and sunny days, the center opens its retractable roofs to allow sunlight and fresh air to create an inviting experience as you stroll through the subtle waters of the center. A SLC visit would not be complete without experiencing shopping in City Creek Center.

The Natural Museum of Utah

Locally referred to as the trailhead to Utah, the NHMU is arguably the most popular destination SLC. It houses a huge collection of dinosaur skeletons, interactive geology, biology as well as native American culture exhibits. Situated in the foothills, with trails from the front door, the NHMU makes a perfect launch pad for kids and adults to appreciate the remarkable history of Utah.