Visited My Friend In Salt Lake City

A friend of mine recently moved to Salt Lake City after meeting a guy online. After dating for a few weeks they decided to move in together. I thought it was a little soon, but she seemed to really like this guy and was really happy. I kept in close contact with her and recently she asked me to come visit her. We arranged a good time for both of us and she gave me directions to her house.

I was able to easily find my friend’s new home with the directions she gave me. I was really impressed with the house because it was really nice. I got to meet her boyfriend for the first time and he was really nice. They seemed to be really happy.

After hanging out at the house, they took me out to eat. They said they visited this restaurant frequently and I could see why. Their food was great and it was a really nice dining experience overall.

I was happy I got to see my friend and meet her boyfriend. Even though they haven’t been together that long, they seem to be happy and that’s great.